I have been diving for more than 30 years, most of there time around Gothenburg where I live. About 25 years ago, I stumbled upon the story of the “Royal Transport”. Back then, almost nothing was known about the accident in Sweden. During the years digging in different archives, mostly in Sweden, I picked up more and more pieces, that by now (2016) more or less completes the story.

The ship is pretty well documented up until the time it reaches Archangel in 1698. I am still lacking some facts about the time between 1698-1715, the time the “Royal Transport” was laying in Archangel. From the 25th of September 1715, the day before she was wrecked, and forward, it is, I would say, well documented in different reports.

I have not found any blueprint or painting that positively states that it depicts the ship. I have one drawing that might be of the “Royal Transport”.

Her captain, “Thomas Hutchinson”, can most probably be traced in the local archives concerning Gothenburg. I have not been able to track his life before signing up for the Russian navy or why he decided to stay in Gothenburg even though there where almost daily traffic between Gothenburg and England or Scotland by that time.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.