This is a story involving the tsar Peter the Great of Russia (1672-1725), King William III of England (1650-1702), King Karl XII of Sweden (1682-1718), an english captain by the name of Thomas Hutchinson (16xx-1743) and a ship by the name the “Royal Transport” that was lost in a storm outside Gothenburg, Sweden, on the 26th of september 1715.

It is also a story about Gothenburg´s governor Carl Gustaf Mörner (1658-1721), the Swedish navy at Gothenburg and its commander Rutger Seth (1685-1755), Carlstens (Marstrand) castle, William Chalmers Sr (16xx-1759), Birgitta Sahlgren (1694-1771) and over 20 years of archive studies and diving.

Has the “Royal Transport” been found…..maybe…..or what´s left of it…..however the story is even more thrilling.

It seems like the english captain Thomas Hutchinson remained in Gothenburg for the rest of his life…..until 1743…..why?